Kickstagram - Connect your Instagram Account

Kickstagram - Connect your Instagram Account

We are pleased to announce you can now link your Instagram account to NSB.  Currently, this will allow you to instantly link your tagged photos #styleguide or #wdywt to instantly post on the Styleguide.

Scheduled Maintaince

At this time we are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance at this time to our PayPal platform. We will keep you noticed when services are restored.

During this time Payments cannot be accepted from buyers nor can we validate your PayPal account.

NSB on Pulse

NSB on Pulse

While we are still lacking a good mobile application a really good RSS reader has added us to their index. If you have Pulse on your mobile or just use it on the web check us out!

Login Upgraded

SSL Authentication for NSB and partner sites has been implemented and merged on the domain -

eBay Integration Phase 1 + PayPal Verification

Over the past few days we have begun deploying a few new things for sellers on the Marketplace to gear up for an announcement later this week. One feature is a new option for sellers to import their eBay listings into the NSB Marketplace, where previously we only imported a sellers feedback.

The second feature we deployed is a requirement now that all sellers have a Business Verified or Premier PayPal account. This is something that originally should of been deployed some time ago. A fundamental problem is when a seller has an unverified account we are unable to process the transaction, while to seasoned members would simply send a PM, people who find the listing from Google or Facebook aren't perhaps keen to how that works.

So in order to create a solid buying experience for peoples first visit on the marketplace we knew this had to be implemented.

The other reason will make more sense as we announce it next week.

Messenger / Chat Update

Chat integration has been upgraded throughout the site, additionally updating jQuery to 1.7.2

Update on email status

Over the past day we've noticed a few emails that never were reached to us from our payment system and other parts of the site. The official word from the folks at 


One of our barracuda spam firewalls was targeted in a massive spam attack against another customer, this lead to some emails being delayed longer than they should have been. The system is currently flushing its queue of messages and you should be back to normal delivery times soon.